NEW PROJECT YIFAN´S COMPAGNIE FOR 2023 WHY THIS TITTLE? I chose this title because this project will talk about a person who has lost a

Shouting without noise

A solo performance about solitude. “Best show award” at the International Festival of Valladolid. “He enjoyed playing hide and seek alone. He made a tatto

The meeting of the mountains

Created in collaboration with 220vols company. This short performance is a duo that tackles the topic of autonomy. “The meeting of the mountains” in an

Running away from Paradise

Created in Cuba in collaboration with Luvyan Mederos, dancer from the National Dance Company. “Running away from Paradise” is an answer to the questions about

Destination nowhere

A short slack rope performance to be performed in the street. This performance brings us to an original, sincere, funny and fragile universe. Yifan comes